Marvel Legends Series Avengers 2023 Wave BAF Puff Adder

Marvel Legends Series Avengers 2023 Wave BAF Puff Adder
Release Date: June 2023
Price: $199.99

Another all comic book goodies Marvel Legends in one wave featuring the Buff Adder as the BAF (Build A Figure) will be released in first quarter of 2023. The renew design of Marvel Legends Iron Man Extremis armor will be a win for the fans and also the New Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America with angry head sculpt as the alternate head is my most favorite in this wave. If you miss the old Marvel Legends Wonder Man back then you’re gonna love his classic costume this time, or not lol.

Some villains need an acknowledgement such as Marvel Legends Molecule Man, Marvel Legends Orb, and the already established Hydra army, Marvel Legends Baron Von Strucker. They will still using some bucky cap mold or similar as the body, the good thing is the pinless joint already the future state of Marvel Legends action figure nowadays. One thing to consider is the Marvel Legends Yelena Belova which still using the single joints is a disappointment since most of new female Marvel Legends body already doing the double jointed system lately.

so, who is Puff Adder, the main highlight in this wave as the BAF ? not many people know except you are a comic book guy about this villain. To be short, Puff Adder is a mutant mostly as an X-Men villain with the ability to enlarge, or “puff up,” his body to make himself stronger and more massive in build. He also known as the member of Serpent Society along with Black Racer, Copperhead, and Fer-de-Lance.

If you interested with this wave, don’t miss your chance to take the Pre-Order for all the wave or just need some of the fig inside the wave. Pre-Order also already open at Entertainment Earth.


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