Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Lego Batman Weekend’s Drill

Lego Batman Weekend's Drill What do you do for weekend ? as for me, I...

Lego Thanos In Space

Fun picture for the weekend this is Lego Thanos In Space

Lego Mechanic Man Lost In Space

Using the same formula with ther previous post Lego Avengers in Space, this time I took a Lego minifigure mechanic man for an object....

Lego Avengers in Space

Made some editing with the background a couple days ago, its an outer planet theme mainly for the Avengers who fight the mad titan,...

Lego in The Morning

Fun shot with several pieces of Lego in The Morning.

Iron Man Walking On The Street

Have you watch the Avengers: Infinity War ? if you have please don't make any spoilers because there are still many people who can't...

Lego Ninjago at the Sea

Took a fun photoshot of a Lego Ninjago last night but turn out the object that I want to point out accidentally blurry. Well...

Lego Minifigure Supergirl Flying in the Sky

Not really an old shot, but still love the tone that came out in this accidentally. Using a printout city dawn for the background...