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RE/100 1/100 MAN-03 Gyunei Guss’s Jagd Doga

RE/100 1/100 MAN-03 Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga Release date: September 20th 2018 Price: 4500 yen Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga as seen in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack"...

RE/100 1/100 LM111E02 Gun-EZ

RE/100 Reborn:One Hundred 1/100 LM111E02 Gun-EZ Release date: December 2018 Price: 3500 yen The RE/100 Gun EZ from "V Gundam" snaps together for ease of assembly,...

RE/100 1/100 MS-XM-07 Vigna Ghina

RE/100 1/100 MS-XM-07 Vigna Ghina Release date: June 21st 2018 Price: 3200 yen The Vigna Ghina from the 1991 animated film "Mobile Suit Gundam F91" makes its...