Daredevil and The Hand

Thanks God it is friday !! It is been so long and I rarely spend my time writting on my gallery but when I do, I am really into it. Just got new hallway diorama from a local maker with simple modular with awesome details, the doors are fixed though but it does not matter since I do really love this kind of diorama.

Another highlight on this Daredevil and The Hand image is the custom Marvel Legends Daredevil that just finished recently with our Custom Marvel Legends Daredevil Classic Angry Head Sculpt that you can find on our store HERE.

It is by far my favorite custom body for Daredevil, especially with that muscular body and the butterfly joints. Can you guess which body that I used for this custom Marvel Legends Daredevil ?

The shot itself was taken yesterday for our #foreverninjafriday hashtag that we did every friday on instagram. The ninjas are from the infamous Articulated Icons that changed their name to Fwooshtoys recently. Since it just a simple shot, not much I can give now but I would love to do some tutorial how to take a shot and the lighting tutorial that I usually used on my shots.

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