House of X – Wolverine


House of X – Wolverine

So I was just having this Marvel Legends House of X Wolverine arrived today and I felt in love at the first sigh. Well it’s not that this figure is amazing or what, it’s still wolverine with the same body mold as the comic version it should be, it’s the design of the suit that got me interested.

I don’t read comic that much except for my toy photography reference but I keep seeing this modern House of X Wolverine in my timeline. So I will start digging maybe it suits me the best to start hunting for the rest of the team, especially Marvel Legends House of X Cyclops.

This figure only has 1 alternative head for an accessories, Hasbro did not give us another hand parts beside what’s attached on the body. It has a normal serious face but with white beard which keep me wondering is this the same portrait or another. It is a cool head actually but why the other head didn’t has a white beard on it that’s what keep me wondering.

But the actual head that we’ve got is this smiling head without white beard. it is a little weird and why don’t they go with angry or screaming face that much better than this. Well whatever the case I still loving this Marvel Legends House of X Wolverine and can not wait to get Cyclops.

So I just took the camera and shot a good smiling face with some dutch angle that you can see from the picture above. It match and pop out really well in my opinion, he has his own charisma. Well since it’s just me blabering instead of a review post, I will stop it right here and hoping that you could enjoying this shot.

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