Marvel Legends Lady Deathstrike Short Review

One of the best wave that we ever have recently, it is the Marvel Legends Super Villains Wave. And the most interesting one is this Asian Villains will be featured on Marvel Legends Lady Deathstrike Short Review.

It is a huge improvement figure from the old Lady Deathstrike ToyBiz version back on 2006 if i’m not mistaken. A truly beautiful looking figure especially with new pinless joint along with good posture.

The Marvel Legends Lady Deathsrike figure also comes with nice articulation that made her so agile and it is perfect for battle posing although just like other female type, they did not have butterfly joint. The ball-jointed waist also her selling point for a better motion allowing her moving forward and backward freely.

I have so much fun with this figure and she is a good match for slicing and dicing Wolverine each time they have met. The bad ? it only came with a lone body without any accessories yet an angry head as alternative.


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