Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-007 Evangelion 13


Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-007 Evangelion 13

Release date: March 2020
Price: 4600 Yen

Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-007 Evangelion 13 Cover

Due to its popularity, the Revoltech Evangelion No. 13 once again appear in the blink of an eye taken from Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q, a new model on which Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaoru boarded were three-dimensionalized with a whole new model.

– In addition to [4 arms state], the body at [normal time] is included.
– Doubling play value with replacement!
– The four arms put revolver joints in each joint, and move as you want. You can enjoy various poses in the play. Faithfully reproduce the shape of the characteristic body.
– The abdomen has a three-stage bellows structure. Use soft material for the crotch and move as if to tongue.
– For normal arm 6 pieces – When combined with 4 arm states, a total of 8 replacement hands are included.
– Two optional spears are included. It can be held in any of the 4 hands, and you can reproduce an impressive scene that extracts a spear in the play.
– Enjoy the movable structure supple, which is supple, more flexible.

– Overall height: approx. 165 mm
– Movement location: All 26 places
– Number of joints used: 20 total
– Product weight: 245 g- Optional parts

· Spear × 2
· Option hand × 8 (Normal hand right and left × 3 · 4 arm arms for right and left × 1)
· Normal Body × 1
· AT field × 1
· Defense unit × 1
· Defense unit auxiliary rod × 1
· Display stand (3 types)


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