Bring Arts Aqua [Kingdom Hearts III]


Bring Arts Aqua [Kingdom Hearts III]

Bring Arts Aqua [Kingdom Hearts III]
Release Date: January 2021
Price: 8800 Yen

Bring Arts Aqua [Kingdom Hearts III]

Square Enix’s Bring Arts line of action figures takes on “Kingdom Hearts III” with Aqua! The young Keyblade Master boasts both a feminine and dignified appearance while also emitting the strength of her core. The clothing is made of a flexible material that allows for a greater range of motion in posing. She comes with replacement expressions and wrists parts, as well as Master Eraqus’s Keyblade, the Master Defender. Order Aqua for your collection today!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 15.6cm

[Set Contents]:

  • Bring Arts Pedestal
  • Keyblade
  • Replacement Faceplates x2
  • Replacement Hands x5


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