Captain America Sam Wilson is The New Symbol


Captain America Sam Wilson is The New Symbol

A little talks can be fun, it is about the most anticipated series of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+ which already on their 4th episodes up until now. Have you seen the latest episode ? it was a mind games but i am not going to spoil anything here. It is just the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly needs a new symbol and we knew it would not be John Walker in the end. It also would not be Bucky who will take the shield since the guilts that he owned.

Captain America Sam Wilson is The New Symbol, it should be him and it will be. That is why I took a picture of Marvel Legends Captain America Sam Wilson All New All Different comic version as the front man with the Steve Rogers and the other Cap ( we can just suppose him as John Walker ) in the back. His MCU version will be less buff than his comic appearance but it is still him, Sam Wilson the new Captain America.

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