Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos Simple Modification


Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos Simple Modification

It is way too late since I owned this Deluxe Thanos Months ago but it is because lazy is my weakness. Hasbro did an awesome job with this Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos classic comic version, its so far the best Thanos I’ve ever had in my opinion. Some people said it will be better with a lighter blue color just like the Marvel Select Classic Thanos & Lady Death did, but you all know this Thanos takes all the credit so far.

It came with one of a beautiful box art design even you can see the throne and Lady Death included in the back as a cover only haha. The Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos includes with a Thanos figure and 3 accessories as in 1 open left gauntlet hand, 1 flick left gauntlet hand, 1 old Thanos head. This is truly a beautiful figure with a classic appearance that looks better and stronger than the two previous Thanos comic figures.

You might already watched and saw every unboxings and reviews about this purple dude, so I will not focus on that. It is just with every good sides in this figure, there are also the bad sides. If you want to know what and how to solve that, maybe this Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos Simple Modification is truly for you. But before that, this is a Do It Yourself part please do it at your own risk.

The first problem with this Thanos figure is he can not move down his head farther, it is actually not a problem if you do not posing him or just want to keep it inside the box. But for me who do toy photography or most of the men who loving to play with his toys, this is quite a problem. All I can do to help is by cutting the front side of the neck so the ball peg can moves more freely just like in the picture above. Now you can see the difference, left is the normal state and right after cutting work. You also can cut it more deep if you want his head can move lower than mine.

The second problem is on the torso joint, some people keep complaining about their scratched the gold paint on the lower torso area after move the crunch forward. Again if you want to solve this all you need to do is get a pen knive and do some cutting or trim the inside from the upper torso just like on the picture above. I would not recommend if you are afraid it will damaging the figure, but once you are done the result will gives you a sastisfying look. You can move the crunch forward better than before and it safely from the paint rub.

Once again, please do this at your own risk and hope you can also get a satisfying results.


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