Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 73th – Panjat Pinang


Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 73th today on August 17th, 2018. The themes for today is ‘Panjat Pinang’, it is one of the oldest, most popular traditions in Indonesia especialy for celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day. Usually tall nut-trees are chopped down and their trunks placed vertically, in the center of each settlement. A wheel full of prizes is placed on top, before the trunk is covered with oil or other lubricants, and young men are invited to try and reach the prizes.

I pick three of my Storm Collectibles’s ninjas: Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Reptiles to recreate the Panjat Pinang scene. Its a bit blurry but it will lighten the mood, well hope you like it.

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 73th

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