Fantastic Four is Back

My bad.. I did it again, disappeared for months, I’m lossing my interest to write because I’m busy with work and my project. I did managing my shop better on RXT Project – you should check it out.

So I have some free time now, I want to share my recent group shot using Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Walgreens edition. But the different is I’m using my latest custom head sculpt on Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic and Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman. It is a screaming custom head sculpt that I want from long time ago, truly happy with the outcome even it’s not perfect.

This custom head sculpt will be perfectly fits on the three costumes, first this Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Walgreens edition, Marvel Legends Fantastic Four from Super Skrull waves, and also the new released Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Retro Card Version. I’m working on Benn Grim aka The Thing custom head sculpt and soon it will be Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

To see more of my toy photography kindly visit Instagram @rioxteir


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