Marvel Legends Hulk 80th Anniversary Knock Off Review


Marvel Legends Hulk 80th Anniversary Knock Off Review

Its just in, the knock off or bootleg version of Marvel Legends Hulk 80th Anniversary which originaly came from the 2-pack with Marvel Legends Retro Wolverine. Instead of box you will get only a plastic bag with name LIGHT GREEN HULK and some details that you can see from the pic below. This KO Hulk came with exact same accessories just like the authentic Hulk has.

Marvel Legends Hulk 80th anniversary knock off review

You will get one Hulk with 1 additional pair of hand and torn shirt inside the plastic bag. the weight are almost the same with the original marvel legends hulk do, and some material will look exactly as bootleg figure do especially for the torn shirt, its too stiff and need some adjustment to put on the body to achieve natural look.

so what do you think ? which one is the authentic ? the size, the weight, even the paint job are similar but here we are just want to share if you happened to buy the knock off version with original price, then you need this to know what version that you bought. As you can see on the left is the knock off Hulk and the right is the authentic marvel legends Hulk. The easiest way is to check the semi glossy paint on the hand and on the purple pants. Another minus on the knock off Hulk is the neck articulation are not as much as the authentic has just like on the picture above.

Once again the knock Off Marvel Legends Hulk 80th Anniversary is on the left side and we will continue to share with the head sculpt. As you can see from the pictures above the KO have a very similar paint job with the head sculpt but there are several ways to know which is the real one. The KO will have a missed paint on the teeth, minor details on the eyes, a brown line on the hair, and you will find a rough paint inside the peg. But you will also consider that they did a pretty awesome paint job on this head sculpt.

Next to the pants, you will see more glossy paint on the KO side that you can feel it when you touching it directly. Some minor details will be shown more such as on the torn pants and some dots that you will find on the front and on the back. And not to forget the glossy part will be also found on the hands too.

And last is the articulations that will be a fun and played an important part by having a knock off action figure. It can do almost evert pose that the authentic can do with good joints of articulation, you can do a one feet stand easily for example.

So to sum it up this will be a great knock off version up to date which will be a best alternative way if you can’t have the authentic or for a custom base material. But I will still suggest to buy the original for a fun experience and as collectors must have. Actually they also have the knock off Red Hulk version before I own this, but since I do not have the authentic, its hard to do a review. That’s all from me and sorry for my bad writting I hope you like it.



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