This time I want to share how I do my things to create a fighting scene with blur background. In my case if I focus on one figure, the background surely will blur out but if I put several figures in one frame, the other figures will got blured as well. The idea is I want to make S.H.Figuarts Bruce Lee as the main center while fighting the other two, S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider One and S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Two – all still in same focus. Below is the result with Gradient Map efect.

Bruce Lee The Undefeated Man

At first I took the focus on Bruce Lee just like in the image below.

Bruce Lee The Undefeated Man

And for the second image, I took the focus on the KR One / Ichigo.

Bruce Lee The Undefeated Man

I only brought 1 Tamashii stand act at that time, so I hold the other figure (KR Two / Nigo) into the frame with my hand.

Bruce Lee The Undefeated Man

Now all the preparations all set, please watch the video for the editing work.

You can also visit my Youtube Channel HERE for more Editing Video Tutorial.

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