Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn (HST-3200)


Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn (HST-3200)

Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn (HST-3200)

Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn (HST-3200)
Release date: Mar 2020
Price: 2500 Yen

This model kit is to celebrate the Sega Saturn’s 25th anniversary and faithfully reproduces the design and details of the console. It possesses the exact same colour scheme as the real thing, including the logo! In addition to the internal hardware being replicated, the sockets are built in and it comes with a controller and clear disc.

-Reproduce the faithful details of Sega Saturn released on November 22, 1994. The contents of the aircraft that could not be seen at that time can be assembled.
-With the laminated structure, the same color coding as the actual machine can be realized just by overlapping with crackles.
-Reproduce the details of the logo that had been nailed every time you saw it on TV or a magazine.
-In addition to the internal structure, the back terminal and power cable socket are also faithfully reproduced.
-A foil seal is used on the back plate to reproduce the texture.
-Includes a controller and clear disc for game software reproduction. Adopts a specification that decorates the reading part with a foil seal.

・ Kinus seal x 1
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Lead wire x 1


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