Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 PlayStation (SCPH-1000)


Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 PlayStation (SCPH-1000)

Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 PlayStation (SCPH-1000)

Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 PlayStation (SCPH-1000)
Release date: Mar 2020
Price: 2500 Yen

How thick are your nostalgia goggles? Well, get ready to dive into that deep deja vu pool with the Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 scale Playstation (SCPH-1000) plastic model kit from Bandai! This kit is to celebrate the PlayStation’s 25th anniversary and faithfully reproduces the design and details of the console. It includes a replica of the internal hardware, as well as the sockets, controller, memory card, and a clear disc. The memory card can be inserted just like a real one!

-Reproduces the faithful details of the PlayStation released on December 3, 1994. The contents of the aircraft that could not be seen at that time can be assembled.
-With the laminated structure, the same color coding as the actual machine can be realized just by overlapping with crackles.
-Reproduce the logo of details such as buttons and switches that have been pressed down as much as you wear.
-In addition to the internal structure, the back terminal and power cable socket are also faithfully reproduced.
-Includes a controller, memory card, and clear disc for game software reproduction. Adopts a specification that decorates the reading part with a foil seal.
-The memory card can be inserted and removed in the same way as the actual device.

・ Kinus seal x 1
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Lead wire x 1


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