Marvel Legends Hand Ninja Simple Modification


Marvel Legends Hand Ninja Simple Modification

If you have read my last review about Marvel Legends Hand Ninja then some of you might have same thought with this figure. I just got my second Hand Ninja which still hard to find with decent price nowadays, when it does, a struggle is needed because the other want these red ninjas so bad. I thinking the same to have these ninjas at least 4 or 8 it will be better for army build. But after reading this I might want to think over.

As you all know, Marvel Legends Hand Ninja is taller than most of Marvel Legends Standard body figure include the Marvel Legends Daredevil. It is kind of weird but still okay somehow. Some people said it was his head that being too tall and you need to make the hole peg deeper with tools such a mini drill or dremel.

If you decide to do it, you can find any cheap mini drill or demel just like mine above or a decent one will do faster job. Please be safe and carefully while using the tool, you might damaging the head or even your hand.

Another crucial parts is the gi that glued with the belt, or we usually called it by skirt. That part was the one that hold most of the feet articulations. All you need to do is find the glued part on the left waist and pull the belt gently, no need to cut it on my part. After that carefully cut the bottom of the belt or the middle between belt (black color) and the gi or skirt (red color) using the pen cutter or cutter. Glue the connecting part on the belt again after you finish.

The chest strap always bugging me while doing action pose on this Hand Ninja, its size is somewhat loose that made it always moving each you pose it. Thats why I did mine with cutting the chest strap between the sheath so it will be less visible after reattaching that part. Adjust the chest strap and cut it shorter, you can glued it permanently or just reatach it using like a sharp needle.

It’s simple right, it looks much better this way I mean I do love The Marvel Legends Hand Ninja original looks but I need more articulation. But after all these mods I will still prefer the Articulated Icons Crimson Fury Ninja for an army build. Thats all guys, if you happened to do the same please share it here.


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